Bienvenidos a 2007

I ushered in the new year in Barcelona, Spain. It was loads and loads of fun! I went with my friends Shirley and a bunch of her friends, so it was a really new experience for me traveling with a group of virtual strangers. They were all really nice and friendly though, so it was no problem at all. I think I was just really excited and happy to be there that nothing could really phase me. Between all of us, we probably took over 3 Gigs of pictures. The plan is to consolidate and share the pics, but here’s a little taste. This structure is designed by Joan Miro, who is one of Spain’s prominent artist. Truth be told, I never heard of the name, but when I saw his work, I immediately recognized it.

There is a lot of great architecture throughout Spain which seem to stand out more to me compared to any other European country. Antonin Gaudi is probably the foremost Spanish architect, and between the La Sagrada and La Pedrera, he definitely made his mark with a unique and intricate footprint.

I really enjoyed my vacation. It gave me a good opportunity to practice my Spanish which I always enjoy. It was short but jam packed with a lot of activity. I had a great chance to meet some really nice people and made some fantastic memories. I hope to have more opportunities in the future. Although with the dollar weakening in the global market, it’s going to cost an even prettier penny than this week long trip did. Hehe!

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