Open This Door

I had been hearing about Slanted Door since before I had left for pharmacy school, but I never got around to checking it out. Almost 8 years later, it has moved from the Mission to South Beach and now to the Ferry Building. I imagine the price has increased accordingly as well to the point that it’s the one Vietnamese restaurant that I would probably only go to when it’s on the expense account. Fortunately, there is the alternative option at Westfield Shopping Center, Out the Door. As far as chi-chi Vietnamese restaurants go, the food is surprisingly authentic with still having a fusion slant. I’d recommend a couple of dishes including:

  • Fresh Spring Roll – Peanut sauce is great!
  • Barbecued Niman Ranch Pork Spareribs – Meat falls right off the bone
  • Cellophane Noodles with Fresh Dungeness Crab Meat – Real crab meat!
  • Meyer Ranch Shaking Beef – Lots of flavor!
  • Claypot Chicken
  • Peppercorn Fragrant Duck

The menu as a whole is pretty delicious. The pho actually tastes good too, but at $10 a bowl, it is not worth it. One of the best parts of the restaurant is its location at the back of the Ferry Building where it sits with a prime view of the SF Bay and Bay Bridge. It’s beautiful!

PAFO Ratings:
Price 2 stars
Ambiance 4 1/2 stars
Food 4 1/2 stars
Overall rating 4 1/2 stars


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