My First NSM

For my very first sales meeting at work, we were in Las Vegas for about a week. It wasn’t too stressful of a meeting for me, since I had just started a few months back. Normally, these meetings are very stressful and tiring, but this time, I was coasting. At the end of the week, they’ll end the meeting with a surprise concert. I had heard that in the past they had some pretty decent groups perform like The Eagles, Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters…. It was a mystery right up to the moment they were introducing……

Jay Leno opens up the night

JAY LENO!  He was the opening act and he did his comedy thing for about 30-45 minutes. He was pretty good. It was actually kind of odd to be so up close and personal. I was literally probably 10 feet from him. It was cool though…. However, he was just getting the crowd warmed up for…..

Faith Hill Performs

FAITH HILL!!! I like her.  She has some good songs, but I think a lot of people were a little disappointed. I think her whole country background despite the fact that she’s one of the biggest crossover artists to come from country didn’t seem to appeal to many people. Nevertheless, I listened to a few good songs and then went to go get some real dinner.

It was a great night overall. Considering it was my first NSM with the new company, I had a pretty awesome time with Jay and Faith. 🙂

Faith Hill Sings This Kiss

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