Family Wedding

My cousin LD got married at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA. It was a very beautiful ceremony in a very beautiful venue. It was probably the most modern American family wedding I’d been to…. probably because she married a very American guy. Hehe! He’s a really great guy. I like him a lot. They seem very happy together.

The venue was very nice… even though it was frickin’ cold outside! The ceremony was held in front of the mirror pool or whatever you call it. It was simple with your normal vows and everything. Her dress was really nice and she look great. She has always been lucky to be tall and thin, so the dress really fit her well.

One of the other nice things with family weddings is that it is a time to bring family together. It’s wonderful to see…..My entire group of cousins. It’s kind of nice seeing us all together again… especially since we grew up together and now seeing us all start to get married and stuff. Some of us even starting families of their own. It makes me feel old… especially when we span like 20 some odd years between the oldest and youngest cousin. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have us all together….. Especially on an occasion like today.


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