Another Bite of the Big Apple


Since I hadn’t been back to NYC for a couple of months, I decided it was about time for a visit. I managed to find multiple reasons to visit, including a way to surprise my friend for her birthday. It wasn’t initially supposed to be a surprise, but I knew that with other friends visiting her, she would be guaranteed to come out. Therefore, I would be able to pop up while she least expected. Otherwise, with the way she is now, she would never come over this side of the Holland Tunnel… and we all know how I feel about flying clear across the country to hang out in the armpit of America. Haha!

I think the surprise actually worked when I showed up at Morimoto for dinner. The food was pretty delicious, although I think the rock shrimp tempura dish is better at Nobu. The sushi was delectable. I had the chirashi which was yummy. It definitely was good stuff, especially in terms of presentation and he even does some creative twists here and there. The Morimoto Sashimi appetizer came with these 5 pipette-like things that squeezed out a different sauce to put on each of the sashimi pieces. It was kind of cool, because I saw him do something similar with the pipettes on Iron Chef America. Next time, I want to try the omakase and some more of the hot foods. I really think that is where his creativity and unique part of dining at Morimoto really shines.

The best part of the dinner was having Morimoto, himself, come out to say hi and take pictures. It was sooooooooo cool! He looks just like he does on TV. Most of us were excited, but I couldn’t believe that the rest of my party had no idea who he was. Dang! He’s the Iron Chef!!! Come on! Wake up and watch Food TV!! 😉 I was so giddy with excitement!

It was nice to hang out with old friends again, but I’m completely floored at how tired everyone was. Most everyone headed back to Jersey around 11pm, and I went to meet up with some other friends. Hehe! The night was young, and I wasn’t ready to go home yet. As I headed uptown to meet my friends, I passed hoards of people lined up to get into various bars and clubs along the way. It’s just so New York. I doubt you would ever see the same scene in SF. But even so, I am not asking to see the same thing in SF. This is just so NYC, and it’s nice to come back and throw myself into the midst of energy here. It feels great!

My friends joke that the party died when I left. I think it’s slightly coincidental, but seeing what a bunch of fuddy duddy’s my friends have become leaves me thinking that maybe there’s a bit of truth to it. It’s okay, because I think they are all completely happy and that is really what is important. I just know that if I lived within a 10mile radius of New York City, I wouldn’t want to sit at home. If I’m going to sacrifice the money and spend my youth in NYC, I’m going to take full advantage of it. Otherwise, why stay there? That’s my take on it, especially since I live in SF now and I feel a little sleepy sometimes. I just don’t know how you can live in or near NYC and not want to be out and about….

PAFO Ratings for Morimoto:

Price 4 stars
Ambiance 3 ½ stars
Food 3 ½ stars
Overall rating 3 ½ stars

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