Nirvana Known as Nobu


There are only a few high-end restaurants that I would be and have been willing to revisit, and Nobu New York is one of them. I have yet to have a bad dish there. Everything was absolutely fantastic!

The Broiled Black Cod with Miso is supposedly Nobu’s signature dish, and it is pretty good, but the true art is how he is able to make black cod taste just as delicious as chilean sea bass. Moist, juicy, unctuous. I absolutely LOVE the Squid “Pasta” with Garlic Sauce which is really just squid, but it’s prepared in a way that it looks like pasta and is truly tender, unlike any other squid or calamari dish I’ve ever had. Yum! Rock Shrimp Tempura is great! Sashimi Salad, Ceviche, Toro Tartar and Lobster Salad with Shitake Mushrooms are a fantastic way to start out the meal. I haven’t had too much sushi or sashimi, and what little I’ve tasted is rather eh. I really recommend trying the hot and cold dishes and eating family style. I would love to Omakase, but I have yet to work up the courage or gather a dining partner that would embark on such an adventure.

PAFO Ratings:
Price 2 1/2 stars
Ambiance 4 1/2 stars
Food 5 stars
Overall rating 4 1/2 stars


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