The Wave Starts

After college, I felt like there was a wave that happened where many of my college friends all got married. It felt like one after the other…. and then there was a lull. Now after graduating from pharmacy school, it’s no surprise that another wave is on the horizon.
Since graduating, I’ve only been back to Michigan one time and that was for a recruiting trip. VN’s wedding represents the 2nd and potentially the last time I would probably ever come back. Don’t get me wrong. I actually did enjoy my time in Michigan for the most part, but I can’t say that I really have any reason to come back very often. Most of my friends have spread across the country…. but it was actually really nice to come back, especially this time of the year. Fall is always the nicest and prettiest time of the year here. So I was really happy to be back to see VN walk down the aisle.
VN is Vietnamese and her fiancé, AS, is Indian, so the wedding was a melting of cultures. Not only was it my first Indian wedding, but my first Vietnamese Indian wedding. It was really interesting.

The groom comes riding in the on a horse. It’s really neat. The groomsman and his family and friends are dancing festively to some bhangra music and help to guide the groom and his horse into the entrance of the hotel.

The Indian ceremony above… and Vietnamese ceremony below. It was really cute to see both of them dress up the traditional Indian and Vietnamese outfits. The groomsmen all wore Indian wear and bridesmaids all wore Vietnamese dresses. I wish I had a picture of all of them together.

The bride and myself.
Three of the bridesmaids, SP, JK and CN, and myself.

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