The Wave Continues


Back in New Jersey for KY and CK’s wedding. KY is actually the first of TLC to walk down the aisle… and considering where everyone else in the group is in their life and their relationships, I’m sure the rest of the dominoes will soon fall. Hehe! It was nice to be back in NY/NJ, and I’m glad I was able to come to the wedding. It was your traditional church wedding but interestingly conducted in English and Korean. That was actually the first time I had seen that.

Say hello to TLC. I think we’re just missing JK at this point, because she’s still on a plane heading out to NJ.

I actually thought this was cute… since both the bride and groom are pharmacists, these were the party favors, pill bottles filled with skittles candy. The outside label had each of the guests name with directions “Take one tablet three times a day for everlasting love.” Haha! It’s kind of cheesy but cute at the same time.

I admit that I’m writing this entry a little bit after the fact, so I purposely picked out these pictures to show the girl and guy who caught the bouquet and garter belt. It’s starting to look like a great story, since they met here at the wedding after both of them caught their respective pieces of wedding paraphernalia and have since started dating. Talk about a great story to tell your children. Okay, I’m jumping the gun a little… but like I said… the dominoes will fall. 🙂

It’s cute how he’s all boogy-ing down in the first picture as he moves in, and after he makes his move, he politely shakes her hand. Haha! Cute!

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