Flyin’ and Jumpin’ by the Bay

I seriously have no idea what is going on most of the time these days. I really need to hire someone to manage my social calendar, because often times, I’m so busy with work during the week that I have no time left to plan out my weekend. Unless someone has sent me an Evite or I’m lucky enough to have written in down in my Palm, I forget what is happening until Friday night rolls around. It’s a sad, sad state of things these days. Work is just so overwhelmingly busy these days.
As a results this is what happened when I get a message from my friend on Friday, “So we’re still going to Icer Air tomorrow, right?” I’m thinking to myself…. “What is Icer Air? And did I say I was going to go?” I felt so bad that I had forgotten, but we talked about it like two weeks ago. How am I supposed to remember that far back? Needless to say, it was big fun.

Basically, they setup a huge ski ramp in AT&T Park where professional and amateur boarders and skiiers would do jumps and acrobatics off the slope. It was pretty neat.
It was obviously warmer than you would expect for snow conditions so they kept having to shovel snow onto the slope as it started to melt. It was a fun site to see though. I think they used to do it off Fillmore or something in Pac Heights or maybe Hayes Valley, but the city complained, so they moved it to AT&T Park. I’m not sure if they will do it again, but I’m glad I got to check it out this time. 🙂

Who could have imagined snow, skis, and boarders in San Francisco in November!?!?!

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