Krazy Kooza

I really love Cirque du Soleil. I find the combination of music, dance and especially acrobatics just absolutely entertaining. When I heard Kooza was going to be coming to AT&T Park, I got so excited. Not only would I able to see a new show, but I could WALK there! I think that has been one of the nicest parts about living in South Beach, being able to just walk over to the different shows and activities that take place at the ball park. I kind of wish there would be more going on, but I am sure that would just bring a mess load of traffic.

Anyways, I went to check out the show with my friends JK and KL and their husbands. Funny how I’m 5th wheel… but that’s okay. I’m kind of used to it by now. I’ve seen other touring Cirque shows like Corteo, and admittedly, they have never been as impressive as the permanent ones in Las Vegas. To this day, I think O is still my favorite, but I liked Mystère and as well. Because I was a little bit disappointed by the last touring show, I wasn’t expecting too much from this one. In fact, I think I was more excited by the idea of being able to just walk over to the Grand Chapiteau than I was to see the show. However, I was pleasantly surprised. They had some “oh crap, how do they do that!” type of acts. Like this one contortion act where they were bending their bodies like you wouldn’t believe. My favorite acts always tend to be the high flying trapeze or trampoline-based acts. I just find them much more entertaining.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable performance, and I’m glad that I went. I still keep thinking how cool it was that I could walk there. Hehe! That’s just me…. JK and her husband also live down the street from AT&T Park and I don’t think they were as amused as I was. Hehe! 🙂

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