My Second NSM

This year’s sales meeting was a lot more eventful. We were in San Diego instead and I was a little bit busier with presentations and having to be on point.

As with every meeting each year, they end the week with a concert to celebrate the year. Last year was Faith Hill and this year turned out to be Matchbox 20. I was sooooo excited. As far as rock bands go, Matchbox 20 definitely tops my list, especially considering I’m more of a hip/hop, R&B type of girl. Granted, they haven’t topped the charts recently as much as new young wunderkins like Good Charlottes or Plain White T’s, but they were awesome. Rob Thomas is pretty cute in person. Anyways, here are a few pics.

Before I realized who was the headline act
Blowing a Kiss to Rob Thomas
Matchbox 20 Kickin' Off the Concert

Rob Thomas Looking for Me in the Crowd

Rob Thomas said something funny. He took a look at the crowd and said, “This is a really good looking crowd we have here tonight.” He probably says that all the time. Then he says, “You guys are a bunch of very attractive scientists.” and that was how he referred to us the whole night…. Attractive Scientists. Hahaha!

It was a good meeting overall. The tiring thing with this meeting is having to be “on” 24/7, but being able to end it with Matchbox 20 made it pretty darn worth it. 🙂
Rob on the Big Screen

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