Fremont’s Food & Wine Festival

My friends invited me to join them on their annual excursion to the Fremont Arts Festival. I remember she told me it was the largest festival this side of the Mississippi, which is amazing, because I didn’t think Fremont was that well known for arts. I was intrigued. Hehe! I also wanted to go spend the day with them since I don’t see them that often. I feel bad, but I don’t get down to the suburbs too often. Hehe!

This is an annual thing for them, and I think their little girl likes it even though she probably doesn’t full appreciate it quite yet.

One thing we kind of missed was the Top Chef demonstration. We ended up getting to the trailer right as the chefs were leaving and I saw Stephanie, the winner of Top Chef Chicago, and Ryan Scott, the pretty-boy chef-testant from the same season. I didn’t want to bother Stephanie, so I just took pictures from a distance. However, I did go up and ask to take a picture with Ryan. He was actually super nice and friendly. Not as arrogant as on TV, but I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising.

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