A "Princess" Wedding

One of my very good friends, JK, walked down the aisle, and although I got to share in this special day as one of her bridesmaids, unfortunately, I didn’t get very many good pictures of the ceremony (for obvious reasons) and the lighting inside the reception hall made for very poor picturing taking conditions. I would hijack some pictures from the photographer’s site, but I think I would get in trouble for that… so here are just a few pictures from the day courtesy of Pdho and CE. Thanks, guys!

The bride and groom make their entrance into the reception. This was just a hint of what was to come, because the rest of the pictures from night was A LOT of pictures from the dance floor. However, many of those pictures are probably not good to post. Someone is going to see them and tell me to take them off. Haha!
As usual, NE is like a rabbit on speed and jumping around or on to something, like he is here with CN and I. Haha!
Our friends from both coasts…. West (above) and East (below). The funny part is that the East coast girls are the ones least likely to be found with an alcoholic drink (compared to the West coast girls), and yet here I have both groups pictured in quite the opposite situation.
This is probably the absolute best “catching the bouquet” picture I’ve ever caught on camera. Considering that JK has quite a few single girl friends, many of which are just waiting to walk down the aisle, it seemed rather appropriate that her bouquet was the kind that would split apart into several bouquets. “Spread the wealth” or luck as it may be. Haha! Interestingly enough, despite the many single ladies in the house, only three of them seemed to try to go for the catch. SK is almost diving for hers in the back even though no one else looks like their putting up any competition for her, while CC and NYG are about to knock each other over going for the other bouquet. Haha! It’s such a great picture!
The wedding was easily one of the nicest and funnest weddings I’ve been to, maybe it’s because I knew so many of the guests too. Considering JK and I have known each other from pharmacy school, it’s no wonder that we have traveled in the same circles and have a lot of the same friends. It definitely made for a fun wedding especially as a guest. It was nice to help her celebrate this special day and I wish her and her husband, SC, all the best as they start this new chapter in their lives. 🙂

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