Nutcracker Encore

When I first moved out to San Francisco, I tried to continue my exposure to a variety of cultural activities. I found it a little more difficult here not for lack of activities, but for whatever reason, these cultural excursions seemed a lot less pervasive here.  Anyways, one of my first outings was going to the SF Ballet performance of the Nutcracker. Sadly, having bought tickets for a weekday performance, I was so exhausted after work that I ended up sleeping through most of the performance. 

I was determined to see it again, so in preparation I took an afternoon nap. *chuckle* This paid off in spades, because I was able to stay awake throughout the show and was treated to a beautiful combination of artistry, dance and music. I’ve always loved the Nutcracker music, and I still remember learning to play the entire suite on the piano. It’s another thing to see it played out on stage. I have to say though that the best part was seeing how genuinely appreciative Pdho was of the performance. I never would have expected any guy to actually enjoy the ballet. Would you?

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