My Third NSM

This year we headed back to Las Vegas for our sales meeting… and like every year, the band was kept under wraps. I didn’t think there could be a band that could top Matchbox 20 but still be small enough to do a private concert, so I was pretty blase. The opening act was Frank Caliendo who was some comedian known for doing impersonations. It was too hard to hear him from the back which was where I was sitting. Then when the time came and they announced Maroon 5, I got super excited and started rushing toward the front of the stage.

This is where I first started out at the beginning of the concert… and slowly, I started inching my way to the front. There is advantage to being as short as I am, everyone feels for me and doesn’t mind letting me move in front of them. I mean it’s not like I’m going to block their view. 🙂

Man, this is a really bad picture of myself, but it gives you proof that I was there. Haha! Do you see the really tall man standing behind me? It didn’t take me long before I got in front of him. 🙂

The lady I was standing next to was going wild for Adam Levine the whole time. I have so many pictures with her hand waving all over the place. I have to admit that I was pretty excited myself… The closer I got and the more songs they kept playing, the more excited I got. Adam Levine is pretty cute in person. He’s a little bit on the thin side, but there is a definite charisma that comes across when he performs. They have a lot of good songs too. My favorite one of all time is “She Will Be Loved.” It was great!
Maroon 5 was actually one of the bands that I suggested on last year’s survey, but I never imagined that my company would actually be able to get them. It was so much fun! I felt a little bit like a groupie jumping and screaming, and it was a little bit embarrassing with all my co-workers around. However, since all the other women were going crazier than me, I didn’t really feel so bad. Hehe!

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