Ballroom Dancing on Fire

Ever since I got hooked on Dancing with the Stars, I’ve become a fan of ballroom dancing. So when I heard about Burn the Floor coming to town, I figured a discounted ticket would make it worth checking out. 

When the dancers first hit the stage, you can’t help but notice how all of the dancers have some rockin’ bodies. I’m talking really, really hot!! You can see the ripples of the abs on the men and women. I couldn’t help but stare in lust… and envy. *chuckle* Interestingly, the other thought that came to mind was, “These can’t be Americans. They must be Europeans or something.” I hate to state the obvious, but generally speaking, Americans are fat. It’s something about our eating habits and maybe about our sedentary culture that contributes to the increasing prevalence of obesity in this country. Nevertheless, it turned out that I was right, because almost all of the dancers hailed from Europe and Australia. Ironically, the “biggest” dancer in the troupe was the lone American. Mind you, she was not big or anything, she was just the bigger one of the group. 
Moving past commentary on the dancers, the performance itself was pretty good. The dancing was pretty sexy and the music was upbeat.  The latin dances are the most fun.  It continued to inspire me to sign up for ballroom dancing lessons, although I still haven’t gotten around to it. I just haven’t found the time, but I swear I’m going to get there. =)  

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