Best Sushi in Town


If you know me, you know I love sushi. Unfortunately, despite San Francisco’s foodie reputation, it has been rather difficult finding a great sushi place I can depend on…. until now. =) Kabuto is by far the best sushi place I’ve found since moving back to the Bay Area. It’s located in the Richmond District (it figures that I would have to traverse to the other side of town to find some good grub).  The place is not very big… maybe 15-20 seats at the most including a sushi bar. It can get pretty crowded so I would recommend going during the week or avoiding peak times. 

The menu is plentiful and offers a selection of very fresh fish, unique sushi creations, noodle soups, and other hot foods.  You would think Ceviche Sushi, Hamachi Pear, or Albacore Crepe Sushi would be prime examples of fusion sushi gone wrong, but surprisingly, they are probably one of the best tasting morsels of fish I have ever had. They do such a good job of adding different flavors that you would not expect from sushi, yet it tastes absolutely delectable! The sushi is fresh and delicious…Salmon, Kampachi, Amberjack… and even Spanish Mackeral… It all tastes YUMMY!  
Pdho thinks I should take some pictures to post on here…. I suppose it’s a good idea, especially in this situation where the sushi dishes are creative and unique. I guess I’m going to have to go back again very soon. =)

PAFO Ratings for Kabuto:
Price 3 stars
Ambiance 3 stars
Food 4 ½ stars
Overall rating 4 ½ stars

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