Amazing Race – SF Style

Who would have thought running through the city on a rare warm day in San Francisco would have been so much fun?! Thanks to my roommate, Pdho and I signed up to be one of the 450 teams that participated in the Great Urban Race which is essentially San Francisco’s own version of the Amazing Race. The company actually organizes these races all over the country in major metropolitan areas like NYC, Denver, Los Angeles, etc.

It was boat loads of fun, although I will have to admit that I was feeling a little anxious the night before since we had done zero preparation. My roommate and her partner had set up a network of friends to sit at home in front of a computer and studied up on city guides of San Francisco.

The race started over in the Presidio at the Sports Basement. As we waited for the race to start dressed in our orange t-shirts, we looked around at all the other creative costumes and pondered what our costume would be next year…..

I look all excited holding the unopened envelope, but once I ripped open that sucker, I started to get all stressed out by how stumped we were by so many of the clues.
One of the clues brought us to San Francisco’s tallest building, but we had to take a picture holding the right number of fingers up. It was funny, because there were like 5 other teams lingering around the building OBVIOUSLY stumped and waiting to copy some other team.
All this time I had driven by this building and noticed the furniture hanging out the windows and what not. Little did I realize that it was a piece of artwork on display. Who would have thought otherwise… I mean it’s a graffiti-covered, run down looking building in the middle of the crack-filled part of SOMA.

Who would have known that these 2 random statues stood in rather obvious areas of the city? Mahatma Ghandi at the Ferry Building and SF’s Statue of Liberty in Chinatown. We figured out Mahatma ourselves, but admittedly we ran like lemmings to find the one below. =)

Surprisingly, in spite of the fact that we were one of the last ones left figuring out the clues in the parking lot, we finished in just about 3 1/2 hours and ended up in 47th place. It was a super fun day, and an experience I will never forget. I recommend everyone to try it out.

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