Not-So-Great American Food Festival

We were looking forward to our very first food festival. Granted, I was a little bit skeptical about having to pay $35 just to get in, but I felt a little bit better that I would get a meal with this ticket. Given the lineup which included Katz’s Deli (NYC), Junior’s (Brooklyn), and Pink’s (Los Angeles), I was convinced that I would get a least one good meal.

There were such high expectations leading up to the event, right up until we saw this line…. and it just went downhill from there.  The line seemed to go on forever, and I think it took over 90 minutes before we finally got into Shoreline.

I was stupid enough to come to the festival hungry after doing a run in the morning thinking I needed to exercise some to compensate for all the food I was planning on eating. That was hardly the case. Unfortunately, it took forever to get food. The lines were a mess. Everything was disorganized. People were disgruntled. Overall, it was probably the most awful day I’ve had in a long time. So much so that it compelled Pdho, who is normally pretty easy-going, to go ask for our money back. We did get our money back…. and we eventually got some Texas BBQ, but neither the food nor seeing Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri was enough to make up for a truly fiasco of a festival.

I’m not sure we’ll ever venture back if they decide to ever have this event again. It was such a major disappointment and left such a bad taste in our mouths as well as the thousands of other Bay Area foodies that ventured out for the event. We’ll have to see if it ever returns.


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