Food, Fun and….Fatness

I love to eat… and this should come as no surprise considering I come from a piggy family. Unfortunately, I have never been blessed with a fast metabolism and this has not improved with old age, so I’ve battled the food and weight demons for most of my life. With regards to food, when I’m sad or depressed, I eat more (so when I first moved to Michigan I lost a bunch of weight), but when I’m happy and feeling good about life, then I eat without a care (so right before I left for Michigan, I probably looked and felt the fattest in my life). The element of exercise has always been an underlying factor that contributes rather significantly depending on how seriously I engage in it.

There is a reason that Detroit is one of America’s fattest cities. The winters are so cold that you don’t want to work out yet the fitness clubs are so ghetto that you don’t even want to step inside one. End result: No food and no exercise didn’t move the scale much, but I looked really flabby.

On the flip side, when I moved to NYC, I had access to a limitless spectrum of cuisines and discovered what life was like when you weren’t tied to your car. Walking and taking public transportation seemed to do wonders. The net impact on caloric intake was fine until I started drinking more and more alcohol. In large part to my job and the general NYC lifestyle, I found myself drinking a whole heck of a lot more. End result: More food and more exercise mixed with the devil’s juice and you have slow and gradual weight gain.

Now since moving back to California, and more specifically to the Bay Area, I’ve adopted a different lifestyle. A little bit by choice but mostly by biology and environment. I am getting older and I just can’t stay up late, drink a lot of alcohol and be able to recover as well from the debauchery. At the same time, most people I know here just don’t party that hard anymore so admittedly, I knew I was going to forgo that lifestyle once I moved out here. There is just something about the Bay Area…. it seriously makes me sleepy. I was pretty antsy at first, but I totally expected it to happen and I eventually got used to it. I started going to the gym really regularly which eventually led to me going on an alcohol hiatus. As a result of forgoing alcohol for 6 months, I saw the evilness in the devil’s juice…. and now I’m trying to be more careful mainly because I feel really good physically and mentally and I want it to continue. I enjoy staying active. I think I always have, but the activities in NYC are different than SF. So I’ve merely re-focused my energy. I’ve even started running more which I have yet to say that I truly enjoy, but I am trying. As you can imagine, with the Bay Area being a foodie paradise, I am rarely at a lost for something to eat. I’m careful about what I eat, but I eat what I want to eat. So at the end of the day, I’m happy. As long as I can keep it up the way I do now, I hope to live a long and healthy life, full of food, fun, and fitness! 😉

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