Hiking with Jack

Less than one week after hiking Half Dome, Pdho suggests the wonderful idea of taking his friend, Jack, hiking up in Muir Woods. (I swear this guy does not know the meaning of taking a break.) It was actually a warm and sunny day out, so beautiful in fact that there was a run or something going on in Muir Woods. I actually like Muir Woods with the huge redwood trees. It makes for a great hike because of lush greenery and peaceful air. The excellent coverage protects you from a lot of direct sunlight too, so you still feel some warmth and a nice breeze while not having the sun piercing down on you.

You can’t tell here, but poor Jack was sweating profusely. I felt so bad for him, because he looked like someone had dunked him into a water tank or something. If it’s one thing I’ve learned from Pdho, “Never wear cotton!”

After hiking Half Dome, any other trail would probably be a walk in the park. So even though no trail in Muir Woods could compare to the elevation and difficulty in going up Half Dome, I was still feeling sore from my crossfit workout post-Yosemite. (Okay, I admit I don’t really know the meaning of rest and recovery.) So I felt so stiff going up or down any slight amount of elevation that I looked like a gimp every time I moved. Above is Peter waiting for me to catch up while yelling back, “Come on, suck it up!”

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