A Tale of a Vegas Restaurant

In the span of a month, I somehow found myself taking, not one, but TWO brief but eventful trips to the City of Sin. The first was with whom my sister fondly refers to as my new “brethren from the Central Motherland” and the second was over the 4th of July holiday with my family. Both trips were actually very similar in many ways… food… shopping… and gambling! 🙂
Because I’m constantly told that my blog is light on visual appeal, I decided to satisfy those whiners with a juicy food pictorial. So here goes….
On trip #1 in June, our food fiesta included dinner at Sea Harbour in Caesar’s Palace. It’s essentially a Chinese restaurant with other locations in Asia and Rosemead, CA. Anyways, the food is family-style as most Chinese restaurants are, but because it’s trying to be higher end, they actually plated each dish for us.

This lobster dish was quite a sight to see. In fact, it was probably the prettiest looking dish we had just because it came out looking like an actual lobster.
The lobster meat itself actually tasted really good. They cut up the lobster and served it with a mayo-based sauce and some fresh melons (honey dew and canteloupe). I actually liked it a lot and went back for several helpings.
The prawns weren’t as fancy, but they tasted very, very fresh. You could definitely tell it did NOT come from the freezer. I also liked this quite a bit as well.
Quail is a funny bird. Despite the fact that there is very little meat, it is still pretty tasty… somewhere between a duck and a chicken. This preparation was roasted so it almost had the crispiness of peking duck.
The shark fin soup was not as good as you would expect. Unfortunately, it was very bland so we were dousing it in XO sauce, white pepper and a touch of vinegar. Nevertheless, the shark fin itself was fine. We thank the sharks that gave up their fins to feed us.
It seems like everyone does a miso-flavored type fish. I think it is funny that it was an asian-style dish that was initially created to cater to Western taste buds. At least that is the impression I get. This dish was pretty good, but I probably have had better elsewhere.
Peking duck was good… but generally speaking, it is hard to go wrong with Peking Duck. All the meaty crispiness. Yummy!
The veggies were a good mix to the meal that consisted of a lot of protein up to this point. I was pretty much full by this point. That is the thing with multiple meals that come out in sequence… you end up getting full before you even reach to the last dish. If everything came out at once then you can try a little bit of everything at the same time and control your portions better so your tummy won’t fill up so fast. *sigh*
Like I was saying, by this point, I was stuffed, but I still had to try this dish. Unfortunately, I felt so gross that it was hard to appreciate this dish. I think it was basically the other parts of the quail or duck that they stir-fried together into a lettuce cup. I think it had too many bones. Bleh!
This dish was no good. I can’t remember what it was, but it was not good.
Considering I’m never a dessert person and the fact that I’m not a fan of mango pudding, I was delightfully surprised by this dish. It was a little firmer… almost like a panna cotta. I liked it in spite of the fact that I was feeling absolutely fat by this time.

PAFO Ratings for Sea Harbour Las Vegas:
Price 4 stars
Ambiance 3 ½ stars
Food 3 ½ stars
Overall rating 3 ½ stars

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