Where is Modesto?!

Does anyone know where Modesto is? It sounds central, right? Like in the middle of nowhere? Well.. it is! But we headed out there this weekend for Ninh and Nary’s wedding. It was kind of interesting, because it was the first time I had ever been to a Cambodian wedding.

Here is the groom waiting outside until it comes time to bring his offerings and entourage to the bride.

I guess the bride is happy to see him and willing to accept his gifts and give her hand in marriage.
You should have seen the entire entourage. No joke, they were full handed in order to make sure the bride had no other option than to say yes. Hehe! J/K!

There is some part of the ceremony where friends and family get to come up and as a sign of good luck and best wishes, they pretend to spray the couple with perfume and cut their hair. I’m not sure I totally understand the meaning behind it, but Ninh’s friends definitely enjoyed the opportunity to come up and pretty the groom up. 🙂
I really like the traditional Cambodian outfits. They are so intricately designed and vibrantly colored. It just makes you happy when you see them…. and boy, were there a lot to see. I think there were 9 total outfits for the bride, so I don’t think I even captured all of them on camera.
The first of many dress changes for the bride and her bridesmaids.

Doesn’t he totally remind you of the Yul Brenner from the King and I?!?
Or maybe this one is more Kingly?

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the different ceremonies and meaning behind everything that Ninh and Nary were doing. It was definitely very interesting because I had never seen it before, but I just didn’t understand it all. Oh well….
No ceremony would be complete without ending it in the bedroom. Hehe! I always find it odd how some traditions like to follow the couples into the bedroom and take pictures in there. I know sometimes Chinese people like to play games with the couples in the bedroom. That sounds totally bad, but it’s very innocent, OBVIOUSLY! Anyways. Ninh and Nary actually had their hands tied together (as a part of some other ceremony) and no one bothered to cut the strings tying their wrists together. This is probably my favorite picture of them. So cute!
Awaiting the arrival of their guests at the reception. Notice another change in outfits…. and notice how it’s the bridesmaids holding the favors. What are the groomsmen doing? Standing there TRYING HARD to look pretty. 😉

Not the best picture of the bridal party since Ninh has his eyes closed, but it’s the best one I had with Nary wearing a Vietnamese ao dai.

It was admittedly a long day, but it really was a nice to be able to share in Ninh and Nary’s special day as they start the new chapter in their lives.


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