Eating Like a Spotted Pig

I have to admit that when YM suggested lunch at The Spotted Pig, I was a bit a dubious. I believe it is billed as a gastropub, not that I really know or understand what that means…. but I think it has something to do with serving high-end bar food. *shrug* Even after looking at the menu, I was even less impressed so I went in with very low expectations.

The food turned out to be ABSOLUTELY delicious!!! We ordered a sampling of dishes and shared amongst us. My pick was the chicken liver toasts which turned out to be a Lipitor patient’s nightmare, but it was yum, yum, yummy! It definitely doesn’t look appetizing from the picture especially because I think we had eaten half the toasts by this point. Trust me though, it was! The chicken liver was prepared in such a way that the liver taste was very subtle, but you still knew it was liver, in a very, very good way.
The apple salad with walnuts was a nice fresh contrast to the chicken liver toast. I think they used granny smith apples, so it was a tangier taste but it was balanced out by the other ingredients in the salad…. which I don’t know what they were.
Although I like oysters, it’s hard for me to have more than one or two. These were definitely fresh and well prepared, but I was glad that we shared it amongst the five of us.
The pork was very juicy and tender but very fatty. There was a crispy piece of pork skin attached to the pork meat bit an ever so thin layer of fat. I loved the pork skin. I kept cutting off a little piece at a time and ended up eating half of it. Hehe! The cheesy polenta that came on the side was also very good as well.
I actually don’t think I even tried the sheep’s ricotta gnudi with brown butter and sage, but everyone else was loving it….. like REALLY loving it. I think it was the cheese part that kept me away, but I heard the sauce was absolutely to die for. After clogging my arteries with the chicken liver and pork skin, I felt I needed to draw the line somewhere. It definitely looked good and I was tempted… very tempted.
I can’t remember exactly the name of this dish. It was a salad of some sort with an egg white omelette-like thing on top. It was very good.

Overall, I came in not expecting to like anything, but in the end, I loved almost everything. The ingredients are of the freshest, highest quality. The only thing I have to say is there is no way I could this on any sort of regular basis. It’s so sinfully rich. I’m not sure if this is how pub food is supposed to be…. and maybe this was just higher end (hence, the gastro in gastro-pub). I admit I enjoyed it immensely, but I do feel a tad bit guilty that I probably sent my cholesterol up a few tick marks.

Spotted Pig
314 West 11th Street
New York, NY 10014

PAFO Ratings for Spotted Pig:
Price 4 stars
Ambiance 3 ½ stars
Food 3 ½ stars
Overall rating 3 ½ stars


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