Craving the Food Trucks

Picture courtesy of NYC Cravings website

For whatever reason, I’ve never really gone looking for the food trucks which seems to be THE place (albeit mobile as it is) to get food these days. You can’t count the food carts which litter the streets of NYC even the the concept is similar. They have them in SF, but you don’t hear about them the way you do in NYC or LA. Nevertheless, when I was in NYC and CK suggested the NYC Cravings food truck for lunch, I was totally up for it. Although you can’t tell from the name, it actually serves Taiwanese street foods like fried pork chop and fried chicken over rice, pork dumplings and chicken wings. I can’t remember the exact location on this particular day, but it was upper West side kind of near Lincoln Center. I ended up meeting CK and his sister.

The three of us shared an order of pork dumplings. It was very good. The filling was tasty and the skin just thick enough without being too chewy.

I ordered the fried chicken over rice with pork sauce. I was tempted to get the fried pork chop, as that is what I more commonly associate with Taiwanese snack foods, but Chris told me the fried chicken was good. He wasn’t wrong. It was great! Juicy and flavorful. What really helped make the over dish really good was the mustard greens and the pork sauce. All of it mixed together with the rice really balanced the flavor, and all for the wonderful price of $7. It was a lot of food though. I couldn’t finish it.

Overall, I really enjoyed our lunch. We actually took our food and camped out at some outdoor seating area near Avery Hall. It was a nice day with good food and good company. I definitely recommend it for an aficionados of food truck cuisine or Taiwanese fast food in general. The Foodie Koh’s definitely appreciate good food. I look forward to my next trip to NYC when I can check out some more of their recommendations. =)

PAFO Ratings for NYC Cravings Truck:
Price 2 stars
Ambiance 3 ½ stars
Food 3 ½ stars
Overall rating 3 ½ stars

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