Riding a Keg

At Pdho’s company picnic, one of his co-workers brought his keg scooter. It was actually very cool. It’s a little motor attached to a cooler filled with all sorts of drinks. Personally, I had never seen such a thing, but I suppose if you’re an avid sports fan or something this is probably a must-have for those tailgate parties. 🙂  I think his co-worker bought this one on Amazon.com, so it’s a pretty common little contraption.

It was like a day at Disneyland. Everyone from little kids to big old dad’s were riding all over the park.  The cooler looked to be a decent size especially since grown-up men were able to sit comfortably on it while spinning around, but in actually, half the volume of the cooler was taken up by the motor.  Instead of a couple 6-packs, you realistically was only able to fit one 6-pack.  Not super practical from a refreshment standpoint, but the real selling point was that fact that the cooler was mobile.

I waited for my turn, but the moment I got on I started zooming all over the place. It was so much fun! If ever you feel compelled to spend a couple hundred on a cooler like that, give me a call and I’ll help you test drive it out. =)

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