A Couple Concerts at Shoreline

The Fray was the 2nd of three concerts at the Shoreline for which I had bought tickets. The first being Coldplay and July 13 and The Killers coming up in September. I have to say that after seeing Coldplay in concert, the Fray was a bit of a let down. It wasn’t bad really, but their music is much more mellow and slow, so it was kind of a sleepy vibe.
The demographics of the concert go-ers seemed to skew more on the younger side at The Fray…. which makes sense especially considering how cheap the tickets were. I think it was like $14/tickets where as Coldplay was more like $40/ticket. Coldplay appeals to a broad spectrum of the population, old and young. In fact, it was a Monday evening and there were some families there with their children. Go figure! Coldplay was definitely worth it though. I had such a good time, but it was seriously PACKED. We were jammed in tight up in the lawn area. This time around, there was plenty of space all around us. The weather also wasn’t as pleasant as the evening of Coldplay. It was a little bit colder and we had to pull out the blankets.
A bunch of my friends ended up going even though we didn’t all sit together. For Coldplay, we went with two other friends and actually helped celebrate their 7th anniversary, but it felt like everyone and their mother ended up going. All four of us knew several people who ended up going to Coldplay. It was huge!
I am kind of sad that I didn’t take my camera with me for Coldplay so I could have some pictures for memories. However, considering how dark it was anyways, I could still use the pictures from the Fray and pretend it was from Coldplay. 🙂

The Fray does have a few good songs and we heard them all, but they also do a cover of Kanye West’s song, Heartless.I guess it is a little sad that this entry was supposed to be about The Fray and all I did was talk about how much better Coldplay was. I didn’t write an entry on the Coldplay concert though, so I guess you could consider this entry a 2 for 1 deal. Hehe! For the sake of completion, I’ll end the entry with a copy of Coldplay’s set list:

1. Life in Technicolor
2. Violet Hill
3. Clocks
4. In My Place
5. Glass of Water
6. Yellow
7. Cemeteries of London
8. 42
9. Fix You
10 . Strawberry Swing
11. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
12. Talk
13. The Hardest Part
14. Postcards From Far Away
15. Viva La Vida
16. Lost!
17. Green Eyes
18. Death Will Never Conquer
19. Billie Jean ( Michael Jackson cover)
20. Politik
21. Lovers in Japan
22. Death and all His Friends
23. The Scientist
24. Life in Technicolor II

The Billie Jean cover was really awesome too.  The band actually came out on to the lawn area and performed a couple of songs including that one. It was pretty neat. Unfortunately, we were way on the other side of the lawn area.  Although it ended up being a really long night, it was really worth it.  I know I had a fantastic night and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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