Festival with Actual Food

The first attempt at a food festival cost $35/ticket, took 35min to get to, and had a stellar line-up of vendors including Katz’s Deli. Unfortunately, we were severely disappointed, so much so that I can’t even bear to relive the memories again and complain about everything that went wrong. Nevertheless, my expectations for the San Francisco Street Food Festival were much lower and I was much wiser. The best thing about this festival is they didn’t charge for admission, so we were able to walk around at no cost to us. So if we couldn’t get any food, we weren’t feeling ripped off!

We ended up getting to Folsom right after 11am and it was already starting to fill up. The lines were still very manageable and we were able to get some food right away. Everything seemed reasonably priced as well. For example, the Cuban Pork Sandwich was $4. It wasn’t as flavorful and it was a teeny tad bit dry, but it was decent.

I liked the ceviche from La Mar Cebicheria. Pdho didn’t seem that impressed with it though. I think he’s just a lot pickier when it comes to raw fish. Nevertheless, it was a small serving and helped counter the pork sandwich.

The best thing at the food festival came from Absinthe, Jaime’s Famous Hot Dog. Truth be told, I didn’t know it was that famous as I had never heard of it, but I definitely knew Jaime, who was the chef-testant from Top Chef Season 5. She’s actually the head chef at Absinthe since even before she joined Top Chef, but I had never tasted her food.

Jaime’s Famous Hot Dog was a mix of veal, kobe and pork and topped with sauerkraut, ketchup and deli mustard. Not only was it a healthy sized portion for $8, it was totally delicious and managed to fill the two of us up! The bun was a baguette-style bread, so it provided good balance to the juicy, fatty sausage. I really, really liked it!

Pdho was salivating over the funnel cake. I have to admit that it was really good. Not only was it piping fresh out of the fryer by the strawberries, cream and powdered sugar really helped make this dessert hit the spot. It was sweet but also a bit salty from the oily funnel cake batter. I liked it, but I’m sure Pdho loved it!

All in all, we had such a better time at this festival. The crowd did pick up after a couple of hours and lines started to get pretty long. We actually saw some strangers in two different lines offer to buy each other something from their respective lines. It was funny. I was very thankful we got there early, because we were able to get our fill of food and leave feeling plenty satisfied and full. A very pleasant experience overall and something I’ll look forward to next year…. or whenever it rolls around again. 🙂


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