My Kind of Food Festival

Saturday seemed like a typical morning. I woke up and went running. Only this time, it was 8 miles with the Nike running group. The plan was to do a run so we could build up a healthy appetite and then go check out The Little Skillet. Unfortunately, when we walked over to Ritch, we see a sign that the window was closed today, because they would be serving at the Taste of South Beach and Mission Bay Street Festival in South Park. Although we were initially disappointed, we realized that it might be a blessing in disguise, because there would be a whole bunch of other food vendors we could try as well. So we headed on over to South Park.

Generally speaking, there was a nice collection of food vendors. Everyone from District to Tres Agaves to Bacar were all present and serving a sampling of food. In addition to the tuna tartare and the roast beef sliders (which we did take pictures of), we also had some mac and cheese, bacon-wrapped hot dog and The Little Skillet’s famous fried chicken plate which included some potato salad and biscuits. Unfortunately, the camera ran out of batteries very quickly so all of you are deprived of food porn for this entry.

The festival definitely started to get crowded, but it was very manageable especially when compared to the madness know as the Great American Food Festival back in June at the Shoreline Amphitheater. I still get irritated just remembering it. Granted, this festival was more of a local thing and they only asked for a $10 donation. Each of the different vendors sold items varying from $2 lemonades to $5 beers and $3-$8 for the food. It was very, very reasonable. Still, it was a lot of fun and more in line with my idea of a street festival. One of the really nice things about this festival is it felt really local and friendly. No frills or fuss. In fact, at the very end, I only had 3 tickets left and I wanted the mac and cheese which was 5 tickets. I asked the lady if I could just give her 3 tickets and another $2 because I didn’t want to go buy another 10 pack of tickets, and she agreed to just give me the mac and cheese for 3 tickets. Now that was nice, because it ended up tasting really good.

All in all, it was a nice couple of hours, and I look forward to the annual event. It was funny, because they ask for $10 donation, and then you buy the food tickets. I didn’t pay it when I walked in, and I don’t know how many people actually did either. However, as we left, Pdho and I were saying that the festival was pretty worth it and how it was so much better than the Shoreline one. So we ended up paying the donation as well in the spirit of supporting the effort that this would continue to be an annual event.

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