Steak in the South Bay

I have only heard raving reviews for Alexander’s Steakhouse, so I was really excited when Pdho decided to take me there for my birthday dinner. Granted, it was like 2 weeks before my birthday, but we had so much going on around this time that we just worked around it.

When you walk in, you see the open kitchen. It’s kind of neat, because there is a little table on the right there where customers can reserve a table and take in the hustle bustle of the kitchen while they enjoy their meal.  I had never seen that before, but I suppose that would be a fun activity if you’re a big foodie.  The other thing you notice the display of a variety of different kinds of beef in clear-glass refrigerated case.  There was everything from Kobe to Wagyu to Rib Eye to Porterhouse, etc.

They start you salivating from the moment you walk in by highlighting their kitchen and steaks. I was pretty hungry just because I was trying to saving my stomach the whole day for the meal. Thank goodness there wasn’t a long wait. As with every good meal, we started off with the break basket. I really like the flatbread cracker-like things they had in the basket.

The amuse-bouce was a tuna tartare dish. It was very well-seasoned and started my taste buds going on the right track. I have to say that my exposure to fine dining is somewhat limited, but I don’t think I’ve ever been served an amuse bouche I didn’t like. [Editorial has noted that this was actually steak tartare, not tuna. Whoops! That is what you get when you don’t do these entries fast enough.]
We ordered the truffle fries as one of our appetizers. They were fantastic. Truthfully, it’s hard to go wrong with truffle oil, but the fries were fresh and crispy as well. The aioli served with fries was nice. It looked like it might be cheesy, but it wasn’t… it was more like a creamy light-garlicy flavored dipping sauce, perfectly paired with the fries.
Our second appetizer was the hamachi shooters. Everyone raves about these. Yelpers always highlight it as a must have. None of them are wrong! They really are good. Each order comes with 6 servings, each serving being a shot glass with a slice of hamachi sashimi flavored with some chili peppers, ginger, cilantro, avocado, and a ponzu sauce. It’s a little gimmicky, because you’re supposed to toss each shot glass back to eat it, but all that aside, it’s definitely one of the best dishes we had.
This was an intermezzo course to help cleanse the palate before serving the main course and side orders. It was a nice little sorbet… I think strawberry flavored.
As you can tell from the spread in front of us, we went a little crazy. We couldn’t help it… as we looked at the menu, we wanted to try EVERYTHING. Usually, Pdho is the sensible one and does a better job of curtailing my cravings. However, even he couldn’t say “no” to anything this time. Hehe!

The corn fritters were very good. It was essentially corn mixed with batter and deep-fried. It sounds simple, but it was yummy!

I, of course, couldn’t resist ordering the truffle macaroni and cheese. It was very rich, creamy, and cheesy, but the truffle oil really made it taste delicious. I couldn’t handle eating more than 1 serving though, because it was pretty heavy and oily.

We rounded out the side orders with a plate of haricot verts with bacon. This was a good dish to provide some fiber to protein heavy meal. Granted, there were fatty chunks of pork in the dish, but that aside, the green beans were well cooked, not to firm but still giving a slight crunch when you bite into them. I was glad we had them.

I forget which of us ordered what, but this is the porterhouse steak. What I liked about this steak was that it wasn’t drowned in as much sauce as the other steak. It was still flavorful and still well-cooked. I can’t remember what was garnishing the top of the steak, but it was fried pieces of something.

This is the bone-in rib eye steak, which was definitely the fattier and tastier of the two steaks. It was served with a side of creamy grits. The sauce was a teriyaki-like which I actually didn’t like too much but like the other steak, it was very well prepared.

Our dessert spread turned out to be equally sinful which is so bad considering I am not even a desserts person at all.

They gave us a chocolate cake for my birthday which was very nice, but it was a little bit too chocolatey and dark for me.

The peach sorbet was obviously my dessert choice. I really liked the addition of fresh peach pieces to the dessert. You can’t go wrong really with a fruity sorbet.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember what this dessert was…. It was a grape soup of some sort with pears maybe. I can’t exactly remember, but it was very good. Very refreshing and slightly sweet.

Many fine dining establishments tend to finish the meal by offering a plate of cookies, chocolates, candies or sending their customers home with a pastry of some sort. Alexander’s signature meal finisher is a healthy cone of cotton candy. Unfortunately, it is too much sugar for me. I’ve never liked cotton candy, so after taking a smidgen, the rest was left behind.

Overall, I really liked the restaurant. I was surprised that given the tough economic times that have clouded most of Silicon Valley, the restaurant was pretty packed and busy. It definitely is more of a restaurant you would want to go to when you’ve got an expense account covering the bill, but I would still consider going once in a blue moon for a special occasion. Especially considering that I have not found many places in the South Bay that are worthy of true fine dining outings. The restaurant is much bigger than you would think especially considering the parking lot is so small, but I’m realizing that it’s probably the kind of place that expects most customers to make use of their valet parking. Size aside, it definitely has a nice ambiance although, I’m very curious to see the breakdown of the diners, how many are there for personal versus business. Hehe!

Alexander’s Steakhouse
10330 North Wolfe Road
Cupertino, CA 95014

PAFO Ratings for Alexander’s Steakhouse:
Price 4 ½ stars
Ambiance 3 ½ stars
Food 4 ½ stars
Overall rating 4 stars


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  1. Peter says:

    I believe the amuse bouche was actually a steak tartare.

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