Offsite with the Giants

As with every good team/group, good managers know to do some fun team-building type of event. It helps to build a closer sense of camaraderie and just generally allows you to get to your know coworkers in a little bit more of a casual setting. Our event this time was a Giants game at AT&T Park. It was an absolutely clear and warm day, so a perfect day to be out enjoying America’s greatest past time. Many props go to Vsiz for letting me borrow his excellent pictures that he took from the day.

In addition to some pretty good seats at the Club level, we were given a food voucher to go hog-wild, all the food and beer that $50 could give us. I think that was how much it was. Nevertheless, we were excited. Supposedly, there is all this fancy schmancy food like panini’s, taco salads, tri tip sandwiches, and crab salad sandwiches. They also had the typical pizzas and burgers as well.

CHL and AC are probably two of the biggest baseball fans in our group, so they quickly ate their food so they could enjoy the game uninterrupted. Hehe!
JM is enjoying her pizza. I noticed she didn’t eat as much so she could save room for more beer. Haha!
For me, it doesn’t feel like a real baseball game unless I’m eating hot dog and french fries. Although I was tempted to get chicken tenders, I decided against it and ordered a sheboygan sausage dog and Gilroy garlic fries.

In the spirit of the food theme of this blog, I thought it worth to give an up close look at the food. The sausage dog was very good! I really liked it, although I still probably would have been happy with my Costco hot dog. Haha!

The garlic fries are pretty tasty too, but you have really need to eat them while they are hot. They just don’t taste the same otherwise. The cover the fries in garlic, but despite how overwhelming it may look, it doesn’t taste as strong. Although people on the other end of a conversation may disagree. Haha!

The truly best part about the park is its location. Conveniently placed along the Embarcardero offers it a great view of, not only the bay, but the expansive Bay Bridge.

I like my group. It’s a nice bunch of people. We all had a good time and enjoyed the opportunity to take a half day off from work and bond, eat, drink and watch some baseball.


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