Dinner at Il Latini


Several friends had recommended Il Latini in Florence, and not just that it was a good restaurant but that it was a great restaurant that people visit multiple times. So we were intrigued… and hungry. After the hike through Cinque Terre and long train ride that took us from Cinque Terre to Florence, we were absolutely famished. So much so that when we arrived at the restaurant close to 9pm and saw a massive amount of people waiting around for a table, I got downright grumpy! I was this close to turning on the bitchy American Tourist, because everyone seemed to want a table and there was no organization to the madness. Luckily, I didn’t and we eventually got seated.

Without even taking our order, the waiter went ahead and brought out a sampling of appetizers to get us started, Prosciutto, Salame Toscano, and Di Stagione.

The restaurant is known of curing or making their own sausages and meats. I am not sure if it was just pure hunger, but it all tasted really good. The prosciutto had a nice smoky taste, and how can you not like salami. It was fatty but really tasty. The tomato and chickpea salad was interesting.
The Crostini di Fegatini di Pollo was sinfully delectable! I’m not sure if the bread was toasted or fried, but either way, they used some very good quality olive oil. The chicken liver was soooo good. I’m not sure how to describe it. It was creamy, flavorful with the slightest bit of liver taste. Nothing too strong, but you still knew it was liver something.

For the main course, we order a couple of pastas, Ravioli di Ricota e Spinaci and Penne Strasciacate. The ravioli was okay. It wasn’t anything special, and I’m not very partial to cheese anyways. The meat sauce on the penne was very good though, not too salty and the penne was cooked al dente. It was a very good dish.

Overall, Il Latini was a great restaurant. It seemed to cater to a fair number of foreigners, mostly European, but I think there are a fair number of locals as well. It looked like a family run establishment, and the entire staff and the owners seemed to know a lot of the customers that were coming in. There was a nice local feel in spite of the crowd and hustle bustle. I really enjoyed the meal, and I would put it at the top of the Florence restaurant list.

PAFO Ratings for Il Latini:
Price 3 ½ stars
Ambiance 3 stars
Food 4 stars
Overall rating 4 stars

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