Snack for the Hike

We got up early to start the hike across the Cinque Terre. We only had until 4pm to do the 11 mile hike starting in Monterosso then going through Vernazza, Corniglia, and Manarola before ending in Riomaggiore. Unfortunately, because we were pressed for time, we didn’t get a chance to sit and eat, so we ended up stopping in Manarola at Il Discovolo Focacceria and buying some food to take along the hike.

We bought a couple pieces of focaccia breads for the road. There was a porcini e speck which I gather to be mushrooms and prosciutto. The other was a capriccioso which had olives, artichokes, and prosciutto. I liked the focaccia bread. It was a bit oily, but I liked the flavor and texture of the bread. The capriccioso actually tasted pretty good. All the toppings seem to balance each other out. The mushroom one was okay. It was a little bit hard to eat because the prosciutto was difficult to bite into, and it was also a little too salty. Because I didn’t eat it right away, I think the oil from the focaccia kind of made it taste a little gross.
We had to try the farinata, another Ligurian speciality, which is fried flatbread made of chickpeas. This particular one was covered in a pesto sauce. Sadly, it was not very good at all. First off, it was way too oily, but moreover, the pesto sauce made it taste too salty. The flatbread itself had a grainy quality which made for an unpleasant taste. It wasn’t quite bread and it wasn’t quite hummus. I guess it was supposed to be deep-fried hummus, but I really didn’t like it all and I never finished eating it.

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