Italy’s Best Gelateria


Italy is known for gelato. No doubt about it. As a result for this renowned reputation, I made it a mission to try as many gelato flavors as possible as I made my way through this fine country. I lean more toward fruity flavors like peach, strawberry, lemon, orange, etc but I also tried some richer chocolatey ones. Okay.. I think I only tried one, stracciatella, that I absolutely loved and kept ordering at a bunch of different places to compare. It’s essentially vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings mixed through out. Others may disagree, but I actually think it’s better than the American version of chocolate chip ice cream. The vanilla ice is more natural tasting and the chocolate pieces are lighter and smaller so it doesn’t make for too overwhelming of a chocolate flavor. I’m an oddball in that I don’t like chocolate that much so I prefer the hints and sprinkles of chocolate sweetness in my desserts.

Anyways, we went in search of this place in Sorrento called Davide Agusto Gelateria. I saw it on an episode of Rick Steves when he toured the Amalfi Coast. The first night we went, it was closed. You can only imagine my disappointment, but luckily we had another night to try and go again.
I was planning on ordering one of the specialty flavors that is typical for Sorrento called Profumi di Sorrento which is a mix of orange, lemon and mandarin. However, after tasting the sample, I decided it was too sour for my taste buds and ordered the stracciatella instead. HANDS DOWN, it was the BEST stracciatella ice cream I had in Italy. I’m not even sure how to describe it, but it was just really, really good. The very sad part is that although the price of a scoop of gelato is comparable to other places, 3 Euros, the size of the serving is not. It was TINY! So sad… and when it tasted so good, I just really was craving another cupful, but I found some self control. We also tried the Rum Raisin flavor which was fine but nothing special. Then again, I don’t like rum raisin, but Pdho does and he thought it was “just okay.” Nevertheless, it was a very good gelateria and definite must try if you’re ever passing through Sorrento.

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