Southern-Style Brunch

After discovering Little Skillet, I’ve been meaning to check out the original restaurant, Farmer Brown, for some time now. I finally got around to it this weekend as a part of my pre-half marathon eating frenzy. Hehe! On the weekends, they have an All-U-Can-Eat Brunch for only $15, so I figured that was an opportune time to check out San Francisco’s farm fresh soul food.

The restaurant is technically located in the Civic Center/Tenderloin, but it’s like 1 block away from the trolley turnaround near Powell. So it’s not as ghetto as you might think. The weekend brunch offers your basic breakfast fare including scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh biscuits, buttermilk pancakes, and of course, their famous fried chicken. In truth, all of the food except for the fried chicken was pretty mediocre. The scrambled eggs were on the dry side and the biscuits weren’t so fresh. The pancakes and waffles were kind of soggy, and maybe that is because they were sitting inside the serving pan. Nevertheless, I wasn’t too impressed and maybe a little disappointed considering all the good things I had heard. It could be that the all you can eat brunch may be a great value, but it doesn’t truly demonstrate the quality and taste of food that Farmer Brown can really serve. Maybe one day, I’ll check it out for dinner…. but for now, I’ll just go to Little Skillet for the chicken. 🙂

PAFO Ratings for Farmer Brown’s Weekend Brunch:
Price 3 stars
Ambiance 3 stars
Food 3 stars
Overall rating 3 stars


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