Not So Secret Cove

I’ve been going to Seafood Cove for over 20 years or something. Wow, the fact that I can even say that makes me feel so amazingly old. The restaurant probably was much nicer back in the day. In fact, I remember there being a nice big fish tank that was always an attraction for the kids. Over the years, it has aged and looks a little worn for wear though. Surprisingly, the food has not suffered as much as the walls and carpet of the restaurant. If anything, it has managed to stay just as good in terms of taste, but I do notice that the quantity of food on each dish has probably gone down. Through the years, my family has consistently ordered the same dishes. We may have switched one or two things here and there, but some dishes will probably forever remain a core staple for us.

We used to always order Hot & Sour Soup, because it was my Dad’s favorite… but unless I order it, we don’t often have soup these days. With a bigger group this time, my brother opted for Three-Flavored Sizzling Soup which is a combination of chicken, pork and seafood mixed with a bowlful of crispy rice that “sizzles” when you dump it into the soup. I like this soup a lot. It’s warm, tasty and I like the variety of ingredients.

This is hands down my favorite dish and has been for many, many many, years…. every since I was a kid. The Kung Pao Chicken from here is very unique and I have never ever been able to find another restaurant that prepares it the same way, let alone as good. I think what makes this dish so uniquely delicious is mainly because the chicken pieces are lightly battered and fried. Every other place I’ve ordered tends to just stir-fry the chicken as is so it doesn’t have the same oily crunchy texture on the chicken, not to mention the peanuts tend to be stale and chewy and the sauce is sometimes a little too sweet and not enough salt. Seafood Cove has always done this dish pretty well, and my only complaint is they have been skimping on the chicken and they don’t give you as much as they used to.

The Deep-Fried Crispy Bean Curd is made of some nice big pieces of soft tofu that have been deep fried and served with two sauces, a soy-sauce based one and sweet chili-based one, both of which are very good and really add some great flavor to the normally neutral tasting tofu. It’s a very good dish!

The Sautéed Pea Sprouts are probably my favorite vegetable dish that Chinese restaurants serve. It seems pretty simply prepared, but it tastes really good and provides some nice fiber to help balance out the oiliness of the other dishes.

Salt and Pepper Shrimp is another consistent favorite and like the Kung Pao Chicken, the size and numbers of the shrimp on the dish have shrunken. However, quantity aside, the taste of the shrimps has stayed very good, and next to the Kung Pao Chicken, this is my next favorite dish. There is so much salt and seasoning fried into the skin of the shrimp that this is one of the few times where I actually eat the shrimp, skin and all… and every other shrimp, I’ll consider sucking on the shrimp head as well. Hehe!

The House Special Lobster is full of buttery goodness. It’s saucy, greasy and flavorful… and it just tastes so good.

Overall, Seafood Cove is your typical Asian restaurant in that they don’t spend too much effort fancying the place up or offering the highest level of service, but they make some very good tasting, albeit greasy food that really hits the spot. We’ve been coming here for years and we’ll likely come for many more.

PAFO Ratings for Seafood Cove:
Price 2 ½ stars
Ambiance 1 ½ stars
Food 3 ½ stars
Overall rating 3 ½ stars

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