Arroz con Pollo via Vietnam

I don’t often get a chance to try new and different Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County. This is in large part to the fact that I am usually home for a relatively short amount of time that I focus on going to eat where I know I will eat well rather than taking the time to try something new.  It’s a pity really.  I just don’t have as much to explore as I normally would, so it’s kind of exciting to be able to share my experience with a new place, Quan Vy Da, which is a restaurant that specializes in dishes from Hue in central Vietnam.

Some typical Hue dishes that this place is known for are Banh Beo and Bun Bo Hue, but I heard that one of the best dishes was Com Ga, which is Chicken and Rice served with a chicken broth and ginger-flavored dipping sauce.

This dish is quite similar to Hainan Chicken, but the key difference with this Vietnamese version is instead of serving whole pieces of boiled chicken breast and thighs, they shred up the chicken. This makes it so much easier to eat since you don’t have to deal with bones, but surprisingly enough, the chicken ended up being very moist and flavorful, more so than many of the Hainan chickens I’ve had lately. I think the rice might have been cooked in chicken broth as well since it had a nice subtle chicken flavor infused in it.  The vegetables were slightly pickled, but I found them to be a little bland…. not as sour as I think it should be to help balance out the flavors in the chicken, rice and dipping sauce.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the Com Ga. I didn’t try anything else on the menu this time, but the reviews on Yelp for the other dishes seem pretty positive. Maybe I’ll get a chance to try other things the next time I’m back in the ‘hood. =)

Quan Vy Da
9950 Bolsa Ave. #B
Westminster, CA 92683

PAFO Ratings for Quan Vy Da:
Price 1 ½ stars
Ambiance 2 stars
Food 3 ½ stars
Overall rating 3 stars


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