An Evening at the Pond

Thanks to JF, not only did I get a chance to check out my very first professional hockey game at the Anaheim Pond, but I was sitting in one of the corporate VIP boxes when the Mighty Ducks beat the Calgary Flames on this inaugural occasion. It was awesome!

Admittedly, I don’t know too much about hockey… in fact, the closest thing I ever got to hockey before this time was watching the Michigan Hockey Team play when I was in grad school.  Like with many athletic games, even though I don’t know much about the sport, there is something about being there live that makes it a whole lot more exciting and a ton of fun.

Since JF’s family owns the box, he’s been able to invite his posse many a times to check out a myriad events at the Pond from hockey games to Van Halen and Michael Buble concerts.  As a result, most of them are pretty neutral to the coolness factor of it all. In fact, Pdho has been so spoiled that when I suggested checking out the San Jose Sharks some time, he expressed some reluctance with having to sit with the “little people”. Hahaha! I’ve done the VIP box through work and taken in a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park, so I was somewhat familiar with some of the perks and benefits. However, it was a first for my siblings and their signficant others, so I was glad that JF had enough extra tickets that I could invite them to come along too.

The weather was poring down that day, so thankfully, I rode with JF and Pdho so we parked in VIP space and headed straight to the box. There was already food sitting in heating pans and a refrigerator stocked with all the drinks you can imagine.  I probably should have taken some pictures, but I was so excited that I forgot.  From the moment we got there, we all feasted fully but slowly on ribs, shrimp tempura, pastrami sandwiches and pizza.  The food was pretty good especially for a sporting event. I actually liked the pastrami sandwich a lot.  I wish I had gone back and had a second helping.

Then during the 3rd quarter, the dessert cart comes along serving coffee and whole variety of desserts, including pies, cakes, brownies, mousses, cookies, and cupcakes.  We each ordered a different one so we could try a little bit of everything.  The desserts were decent. I ordered a strawberry mousse which was very light and delicious, but unfortunately, it was a little too sweet for me to finish eating completely.

We had about 16 people, I think, that day, but it looked like the capacity of the box was just under 20.  I think it might be the same for the box at AT&T Park, but the actual size of the Duck Pond box was much bigger and the seating area outside of the box was bigger as well.  It was kind of nice, because the first thing I noticed about the AT&T box was how small it was and when we had the box filled to capacity, it felt rather claustrophobic. Nevertheless, size aside, the Duck Pond box like the AT&T Park box were pretty much the same set up with food, refreshments and flat screen tv so you could watch other things while you were supposed to be there to watch the game. On this particular occasion, it was the Golden Globe Awards. Hehe!

All in all, it was a fun night…. I probably wasn’t paying as much attention to the game as I could have, but I had a fun time hanging out with everyone and enjoying the perks of Corporate Box seating. Maybe someday I’ll be able to check out a concert at the Pond…  =)


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