Back on the Slopes

This weekend was my first time back on snow, and it was like riding a bike. Granted it’s been less than a year considering we ended our 2009  season in mid-March. I decided to get back on the snowboard to get some practice carving, since I knew that I would be skiing on the upcoming annual trek to Park City in February.

We had been getting a lot snow this season, so I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, that meant the drive up to Kirkwood was going to be tough…. and it was. We had to put chains on my car. Thankfully, KY came up with us, so I left the dirty work to Pdho and him.  Unfortunately, it took some time for the guys to figure out how to put the chains on so we weren’t on the slopes until after 10am. You can imagine how disappointed Pdho was, but we made the most of our time.

The snow was pretty good, and I was surprised how easily I got back to boarding. I remember last year, I felt like a little lamb just finding their legs when I went back to boarding after a week of skiing in Park City. I thought I would be equally shaky this time around, but I felt quite comfortable carving down the mountain and even managed to keep up with the skiers.  It was a good day overall.


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