Yahoo for Kahoo

After a long day filled with 6 hours of snowboarding and 7 hours of driving, we met up with KLY for dinner at Kahoo Ramen.  Unfortunately, she had to work today, so being the cool girl that she is, she encouraged her hubby to go have some fun with Pdho and myself.

Ramen really hit the spot after the day we had.  We were feeling absolutely ravenous (at least I was) and started with some appetizers before digging into our hearty bowels of ramen.

I love chicken karaage and try to order it whenever I get the chance. Sadly, when it’s just Pdho and myself, he never lets me. It is way too much food for just the two of us,  we NEVER are able to finish it all, and Pdho blames me for over ordering.  Admittedly, the chicken karaage wasn’t that great, but it’s deep-fried chicken so you can’t really go wrong with it. It was hot and juicy!

The chicken wings are a K&K favorite, and I would agree that they were pretty good as well. Although it’s more inconvenient dealing with bones, somehow boneless chicken never seems to have the same flavor.  These wings had some good seasoning and were right out of the fryer.  They were piping hot and crunchy. Yummy!

The ramen was pretty good as well. Pdho ordered the Kotteri Miso Ramen which I found to be a little too thick and slightly overpowering. The broth had a deeply miso-flavored base which I thought was a little too salty for my taste buds.  It was dark and much thicker in consistency than you would expect. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my favorite either. The ramen was topped with a collection of ingredients such as bean sprouts, seaweed, bamboo and half a boiled egg. Pdho liked it a lot though. He kept complimenting the depth of flavor.  I can’t remember exactly how the noodles tasted. I’m usually quite discerning on the noodles, but I seem to recall that they were pretty thick and chewy which I did like. I think the noodles needed to be a little more hearty to go with the stew-like broth.

I preferred the Shoyu Ramen which was much lighter yet still just as tasty.  Like the Kotteri Miso, it was topped with the same ingredients except that this one came with chasu pork which typically comes with Japanese ramen. Instead of being stew-like, the broth was more of the soupier soy-base consistency. The noodles didn’t have the same crunch as the Kotteri, I couldn’t complain. I also liked the chasu pork in spite of the fatty strip that always comes with it. I feel guilty every time I take a bite and sometimes I even take off some of the fat…. but it was oh so very good.

Overall, Kahoo Ramen is pretty good.  It’s probably not the best I’ve had, but they serve some good, solid ramen, noodles, broth and all.  K&K said that Kahoo has lost some business recently since the new ramen place opened inside the Mitsuwa Market.  I’m curious to check that place out, so that will be added to my list of ramen places to try out.

Kahoo Ramen
4330 Moorpark Ave
San Jose, CA 95129

PAFO Ratings for Kahoo Ramen:
Price 2 ½ stars
Ambiance 2 ½ stars
Food 3 ½ stars
Overall rating 2 ½ stars


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