Kalbi on the Go

It looks like the Kalbi Taco Kraze has finally hit the Bay Area. I’m not too sure what took them such a long time… maybe it’s because the nightlife scene is not as happening as in LA, but then again, the Kogi Truck has been busy making it’s way across Orange County with the Naranja truck.  Nevertheless, one evening, we stumbled upon the BBQ Kalbi truck in Mountain View parked in an auto garage on the corner of Dana and Hope right off of Castro St.  Although my tummy was looking forward to something warm and soupy on such a cold and windy night, I was very curious to check out this Kogi Truck wannabe.  This in light of the fact that I’ve spent many an evening (when back home for vacation) chasing the Kogi Truck and failing to conjure up the energy and patience to wait somewhere between 45-60 minutes for these tiny tacos.  Now here I was, in the presence of less branded looking truck, with like two people who had already ordered and were just waiting for their tacos to come off the grill.

We ended up ordering a kim chee quesadilla in spite of the fact that I really don’t like such overly cheesy delicacies. Pdho so desperately wanted to try it though, and I think it’s all because his good buddy and fellow foodie, CKoh, said something to the effect of “wanting to marry kim chee quesadillas” so he could have “a brood of kim chee quesadillas that he would subsequently devour.”  It sounds a little disturbing until you think a little bit, and it just speaks to how much these quesadillas appeal to his ravenous appetite. Anyways, these quesadillas were very cheesy. They were a little light on the kim chee though, so all I could really taste was cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Moreover, the helping you get for $5 was very generous, so you can imagine how rumbly my tummy started feeling.

I was more interested to try the tacos and ended up ordering the kalbi, daejee (spicy pork) and teriyaki chicken tacos.  In all honesty, they all tasted somewhat similar. Very tasty for $2 each, but it was hard for me to really distinguish between the different meats and marinades. They all were topped with some spicy slaw and cilantro.  I think I might have liked the chicken teriyaki slightly more than the rest, but the kalbi one was a close second.

Overall, it was a good experience, and I would highly recommend it if you’re wanting something small and snack-like to munch on. Although I only have pictures of the Kalbi Taco, you get a pretty good idea of what the tacos are like. You would probably have to order a burrito or half a dozen tacos to really make a dent in a hungry appetite, but being the lover of variety and bite-sized portions that I am, this mobile cuisine really hits the spot. I’m curious to see what other foods will be hopping on to wheels next.


PAFO Ratings for BBQ Kalbi Truck:
Price 1 star
Ambiance 1 ½ stars
Food 3½ stars
Overall rating 3 stars

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