Dinge-y Food Truck

In spite of being pretty full from Keste, in true CKoh style, we had to have some dessert from the Wafels and Dinges truck  that was making a pit stop nearby. This particular truck served Belgian waffles (aka in Belgian as wafels) with a variety of different toppings (aka  in Belgian as dinges) such as strawberries, fudge, nutella, and whipped cream, just to name a few. There are two different types of waffels. The Brussels wafel is “light and crispy” and symbolic of the type of waffle that made it’s debut at the World Fair.  The Liege wafel is “soft and chewy” and supposedly less popular among those outside of Belgium.

I ended up ordering a Brussel wafel with nutella and a little powdered sugar. I was already pretty full and I really wasn’t craving any dessert, but I figured that I should at least give it a try.  The waffle was really good. It was hot and crispy coming right out of the waffle maker.  Although I liked the nutella in spite of it being extremely sweet, I don’t think it was the best topping to go with the Brussel wafel, because the consistency of the nutella was a little too thick. It made every bite of the wafel difficult to the chew, because everything was sticking together in my mouth.  Pdho’s cousin got the Brussels wafel with grade A maple syrup which went much better together.

Overall, the waffles were definitely top notch probably in part because they are made fresh on the spot, so I would recommend picking up an order if they are ever parked in your neighborhood.


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