Not Your Everyday Donut

I first heard about Doughnut Plant from watching an episode of Bobby Flay Throwdown.  I still remember the episode when Bobby Flay first surprised the owner/doughnut maker, Mark Israel, and he got really annoyed and walked off the camera.  I had gone here a couple times before, but it was a first for Pdho who has been eagerly anxious to check it out because of Ckoh’s raving reviews.

When it comes to donuts, I’m pretty simple. I like the plain old cakes donuts and the regular glazed donuts. None of the chocolate, jelly, sprinkles stuff for me. Just give me a little bread and sweet sugar, and I’m good. I’m not sure if  Doughnut Plant is known more for their cake donuts or yeast donuts, but I still really like the Tres Leches.  It ‘s such a simple yet uniquely delicious cake donut. It’s very sweet which would normally send me into sweet shock, but sometimes I’m feeling a little low on sugar where something this sweet ends up hitting the spot. Tres Leches is a little fluffier than your typical cake donut which is usually a little dense and comes with a sweet glaze on the outside. However, the best part of the donut is inside in the form of a rich and creamy filling made of evaporated milk, condensed milk and cream. It’s sinfully tasty. I love it!

The yeast donuts are pretty good as well mainly because of the fresh fruit filling that distinguishes each  of them, strawberry, peach, cranberry, and whatever else may be in season at the time.  This time around we ordered the Banana Pecan and Coconut Cream donuts. Both were good, but neither were really tops in my book mainly because I’m not of fan of coconut and banana-flavored things. Although, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the coconut one,  because I really, really don’t like coconut. Nevertheless, it was good to be able to try some new flavors.

Another new donut that seems to have gotten a lot of raving reviews is the Creme Brulee one.  It’s a really tiny donut (especially for $2.75), but it really packs a punch. The inside is filled with a sweet creamy pudding, and the outside is covered in a crackly glaze of burnt sugar which really made you think of the same delicious dessert of the same name. Yummy!  It was quite unique.

It’s no surprise that Doughnut Plant is still going strong, as demonstrated by the amazingly large packs of people that were gathered inside the tiny little shop waiting for their donuts. I couldn’t believe that it took us over 20 minutes, but after taking bites of the donuts, I quickly remembered why.  It is nice to know that the Donut Guy continues to innovate and offer new flavors of donuts.  It makes coming back a different experience each time.

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002

PAFO Ratings for Doughnut Plant:
Price 3 stars
Ambiance 1 stars
Food 4 stars
Overall rating 3 ½ stars


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