Where’s the Seoul?

This whole Korean taco truck is like the new food craze.  I remember when boba drinks first came to the US and before you knew it there was one on every corner… then the froyo places popped up in place of the boba places as they closed down.

Anyways, I’ve actually tried some of the rice bowl combos from Seoul on Wheels back in the day before the Korean Taco mania picked up any steam in the Bay Area. In fact, my sister and I saw them driving around my ‘hood one afternoon and decided to try it out. I remember it tasting pretty bad.  Not the least bit Korean tasting at all which was funny, because the truck was owned and run by a Korean lady. Nevertheless, aside from it’s catchy name, I found the food rather forgettable.

However, given the Korean taco trend, I figured I would give the truck another chance since they didn’t have this item on the menu back then.  The taco definitely tasted better than any of the food I had before from Seoul on Wheels, but I don’t think it compares as favorable to Kalbi BBQ which is the truck based in Mountain View.  Although Seoul on Wheel’s meat tasted okay, the rest of the ingredients seemed haphazardly thrown together and lacked the careful blending of flavors that each of the parts added to the overall taste of the taco. It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t recommend waiting in any sort of line for this take on the Korean taco.

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