Home-Cooked Dinner for a Change

Rather than revolving my New Year’s resolutions on losing weight and getting in shape, I decided to embrace my foodie habit and make my resolution for 2010 be about eating more food… more food that I COOKED (as opposed to eating out at restaurants).  So as you can probably surmise by looking at the bulk of my entries, I have been about as successful on my New Year’s resolution as all those other people who gave up going to the gym by February.  It’s not lack of desire that keeps me out of the kitchen, but it’s really lack of time. During the week, I’m so tired by the time I come home and on the weekends, Pdho keeps us on the run (sometimes literally) that when it’s time to eat, we’re absolutely starving and it’s just easier to go eat somewhere to eat instead.

One weekend, Pdho and I were rather inspired and finally planned out our day in such a way where we could do some grocery shopping and prepare a real meal for dinner.

Not everything was made from scratch, and we bought some duck mousse pate to eat with bread. The pate was sinfully rich but absolutely delicious. We sliced up the french baguette, toasted it, and sprinkled a bit of extra virgin olive oil before spreading each piece with a healthy amount of pate. It was yummy.

For our next course, Pdho made a beet salad with a balsamic vinaigrette from scratch. He did a pretty good job with the salad dressing which was made with garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, mustard, brown sugar, salt and pepper.

For our main course, I made some miso-marinaded black cod. I normally use Chilean sea bass, but it is not cheap.  Since we ended up going to Whole Foods for groceries, we decided that black cod would work just as well…. and it did. It has a similar, oily texture to Chilean sea bass, but for whatever reason costs a good $5 less per pound.  The marinade was equal parts sake, mirin, and miso mixed with some soy sauce and brown sugar. I should have let it marinade for at least 2 hours, but we started getting hungry. I started broiling the fish with just over an hour of marinading, and although I think it was cooked pretty well, the black cod obviously did not marinade long enough so some parts lacked the real tasty miso flavor. I would definitely make sure to marinade it for the full 2 hours next time.

Although it wasn’t the fanciest or most elaborate meals, Pdho and I felt very accomplished at the end. We enjoyed a nice meal at home while having lots of fun preparing it.  Hopefully, there will be more home-cooked meals in the future.


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  1. Lynn says:

    you know, im beginning to think that’s the only thing you can make, miso marinated fish! did it take pdho 5 yrs to chop up the garlic for the salad?? haha, good job on the pics tho, look very professional =)

    1. Jennee says:

      dude, i can make other stuff… but pdho likes my miso-marinated black cod!! you watch… we’ll make other stuff soon enough. =)

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