Breakfast at Home

While still feeling proud of ourselves for finally breaking out the cooking skills for dinner the night before, Pdho and I wanted to keep the momentum going and decided to make brunch the next day.  It wasn’t anything fancy….  but I’m a big advocate of  “baby steps.”  I figure that with most things in my life, if I can make a little, gradual changes and improvements to things I do, habits I have… I’ll more likely be able to maintain those changes for the long haul.  So rather than expect to prepare a fancy feast for brunch, I figure that a  simple meal like pancakes and sausages is a great start. =)

Granted, the pancakes were from a mix and the sausages were pre-cooked, but like I said… “baby steps.” Haha! Sadly, the pictures probably don’t make the food look all that appetizing, but it really was pretty tasty…. especially after a long run.  Not a bad start if I say so myself… hopefully, I’ll be busting out the Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise or a Quiche Lorraine before you know it! =)


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