What is Larder, Anyways?

The Sibling Crew met for brunch before Pdho and I were supposed to fly back to SF, and at Sdho’s suggestion, we headed to Tavern in Brentwood.  I had never heard of this place, but there was something familiar about the place… Sdho said that this place has the same owners as AOC.  Even though I’ve been to AOC, I’m not quite sure if that is what makes Tavern feel so familiar.  Nevertheless, there are two parts to the restaurant, the main dining room and the Larder, which is more of a casual bakery/lunch type of place.  You can order sandwiches, salads, baked goods and picnic baskets to-go or to eat there.

After ordering inside at the counter, we set up a table outside so we could enjoy the warm LA weather.  After reading about some raving reviews on the burgers from Golden State, I was succumbing to my cravings and I was sorely disappointed to find out it was closed.  So naturally, when I saw the Niman Ranch Burger on the Larder menu, I went ahead and ordered without hesitation.  The burger was topped with fontina cheese and served with garlic fries.  The beef patty was very well seasoned and cooked perfectly to a medium.   I wasn’t a big fan of the garlic fries, but everyone else seemed to really like them. I thought the fries were kind of bland… lacking salt and garlic, but I did find the deep-fried herbs which were tossed with the fries kind of interesting. They were so crispy that they just crackled in your mouth.

The whole selection of salads looked pretty tasty, and I was tempted to get the little gems salad which had shrimp and crab in it, but I decided it would be too heavy and went with a side of the Corn Salad. It was a mix of zucchini, squash, tomatoes, beans and corn.  With every bite, you could tell how fresh the ingredients were. A truly refreshing addition to the meal.

The Beef Brisket Hash was served a fried egg on top and horseradish cream on the side.  It was a fancier spin on the typical “corned beef hash” that you would normally expect for breakfast. The hash was a mix of tender yet extremely flavorful beef brisket and chunks of fried potatoes. The beef brisket was some high quality-tasting meat. In fact, it tasted more like meat you might find in a slowly cooked stew which was a stark contrast to corned beef which is far less refined.

The Pilgrim was a sandwich made with turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayonnaise.  It was literally a Thanksgiving meal on bread. Although, this sounded very good,  I found that it tasted a little bit bland and slightly dry. It could have been my part of the sandwich, but I could have used a little more mayo and stuffing.

Overall, the quality of the ingredients in all the food were excellent.  Like the trend of many high end restaurants, it’s all about being seasonal and sourcing locally. I’m not sure if that is necessarily the case here as far as buying their ingredients daily from local farms, etc, but I can only assume so because everything tasted so fresh and flavorful.  The space is actually quite charming. Although we ate outside, I really liked the ambiance of the Larder inside, and the main dining room in the back had a charming garden/greenhouse type of feeling with a high glass-covered ceiling.  The menu provides a great variety for brunch/lunch in satisfying servings, but it’s definitely not light on the wallet. It’s okay… what else can you expect for a restaurant in Brentwood.

The Larder at Tavern
11648 San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

PAFO Ratings for The Larder at Tavern:
Price 3 ½ stars
Ambiance 4 stars
Food 4 stars
Overall rating 3 ½ stars


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