Cheering on the Triathletes

Celebrating after a job well done

I used to hang out at Lake Almaden every so often back in the day, so it was kind of weird being back there after such a long time.  It’s funny how things don’t change too much (except for the mall right by there… it’s amazing what happens when Westfield comes in.)  Anyways, we were down at Lake Almaden for the Silicon Valley International Triathlon.  Pdho had pulled together a couple of his co-workers, Randy and Scott, to form a relay team to compete in the IVP Triathlon Challenge.

Pdho after crossing the finish line

His team did pretty well considering their average age was like 44 and from the looks of the competition, a lot of the guys on the other teams were on the younger side… some in their 20’s but probably most in their early 30’s.  At the same time, there was some guy who looked like he was in his late 50’s or early 60’s.  Out of about 12-13 relay teams, their team came in 3rd place and Pdho actually came in first in the 6.2 mile run…. I think he did it in just over 42 min which was like a 7-minute mile pace.  Dang, that is fast… just goes to show how much slower he is really running when he runs with me.

Looking for some refreshments

I was in awe at all these people participating in the full triathlon.  A lot of the competitors were surprisingly older.  I wouldn’t have  believed it if I hadn’t already run a half-marathon and noticed that there were more older people than younger people running there too.  I can’t believe how they do it. I barely can handle all the running it takes to do a half… and I don’t even feel like training for a full-marathon, but these people are training for 3 sports!!!  Nevertheless, it was a nice, warm day, and I was glad I was just cheering the guys on and not having to deal with the heat myself.


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