Let’s Go MoGo

And the stalking of food trucks around the Bay Area continues with the MoGo BBQ Truck….

What I gather from the word on the street, the Mogo BBQ Truck is supposed to be the best of the Korean taco trucks, at least in the Bay Area.  It is one of the first (I think) and definitely the most successful (it seems) given the fact that they now have two trucks trolling the South Bay.  I’ve tried the BBQ Kalbi truck before, and I thought the Korean tacos were pretty decent.  However, my experience with the tacos from Seoul on Wheels was awful. I really did not like those tacos. Bleh!  Anyways, given what I had read about lines, I was pleasantly surprised to find absolutely no line, so the total time between parking, ordering, getting our food, and leaving was less than 20 minutes.  Score!

The Short Rib Tacos were pretty tasty.  Although I read a lot of Yelpers complain that they didn’t use quality meat, I actually thought the meat was decent.  If anyone is questioning quality meat, I would suggest that give Seoul on Wheels a try before passing judgement.  Anyways, the meat was flavorful and carefully chopped into edible pieces.  The slaw was a nicely dressed mix of lettuce, onions, and cabbage to help balance the taco as a whole.  Although as I look at the picture, I’m thinking maybe there was a little too much ruffage for the rather small taco.

The Bay Area Dog was a lot like a Costco Hot Dog in terms of size and taste, but it was topped with A LOT  of cheese and a kim chee lettuce slaw mix.  For sure, there was way too much topping on the hot dog. It actually made it very difficult to eat, because the hot dog as a whole was too heavy to pick up.  It hit the spot for my hot dog craving, but I can’t really say it was anything all that special. I probably would go buy a Costco Hot Dog if given the choice.

The Kim Chee Quesadilla was pretty good mainly because of the chipotle mayo sauce that came with it.  I’m definitely not a cheese lover, so quesadillas do not top my list of food bites.  However, there was just enough kim chee melted together with cheese to strike a rather tasty balance of flavors.  The chipotle  mayo was probably the best thing to help really give the each bite of the quesadilla some much-needed kick and boost of flavor.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with my first MoGo Truck experience.  I definitely like the wider variety they offered on the menu. Aside from the sampling we tried, they also serve different types of sliders and burritos which all sounded pretty good yet looked tremendously filling.  Nevertheless, the prices are reasonable, the food is pretty good as far as Korean Taco trucks go, and they are definitely the most mobile of the bunch with two different trucks that travel all around the South Bay… from what I can tell, one goes around the Milpitas/Fremont/San Jose part of South Bay and the other stays in Cupertino/Sunnyvale/Palo Alto.  I’ll be back when they roll back into the ‘hood.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Joel says:

    I’ve tried both MoGoBBQ and KungFuTacos and I’ve found KungFuTacos to be tastier. They also have more interesting varieties of tacos.

    1. Jennee says:

      oohh… I’ve been wanting to try the Kung Fu Tacos too. I’m planning on going to Off the Grid so hopefully, I’ll check it out then.

  2. Joel says:

    When are you planning to go to Off the Grid? I totally want to go but I have to get off work early enough, as it is a trek for us.

  3. Overworked says:

    wheres the PAFO rating! no PAFO?!?!

    1. Jennee says:

      it seems unfair to put a PAFO rating on food trucks. they lack any ambiance so it would just be a PFO rating and then that messes with the whole concept.

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