Biking Along the Strand

Now that RCM and Triple T live in Manhattan Beach, it offers up the opportunity to acquaint myself with a different part of Southern California. Although I’m not an avid beach comber, I do enjoy the view, the ambiance, and the relaxation that comes with living by the water.  So over the course of the weekend, in addition to the usual H.o.P. routine, it was actually nice to explore a new area.

Manhattan Beach Pier
Lifeguard House on the Beach
Looking out at the waves

So in addition to some strolls along the beach and the morning walks into Downtown MB for breakfast, RCM, Triple T, and I rented some beach cruisers and rode along the “Strand.”  Starting from MB, we rode down through Hermosa and Redondo and then back up toward Playa Vista or Marina Del Rey. I can’t quite remember. It was a little bit of an overcast day, but at least the temperature was mild enough to make the ride very pleasant.

View from Hermosa Pier
Biking through Hermosa Beach
Me and the Surfer

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